Former Gubernatorial Candidate Shoots Process Server

Christopher Barnett, a 36 year old former gubernatorial candidate from Oklahoma is being charged with assault and battery with a deadly weapon. A process server was attempting to serve an eviction notice on Barnett at Barnett’s residence around 9 PM when Barnett answered the door. Video footage shows the process server, dressed in plain clothes, talking to Barnett. Barnett claims that the process server was pushing on his door, trying to get in the house. Video evidence does not confirm this. Eventually, Barnett opens the door and speaks with the process server. At the end of the video, you can see the process server, who is standing away from the the door and in the front yard, run off after being shot in the arm by Barnett. Barnett claims he was fearing for his life and believes he is protected by Oklahoma’s stand your ground law. Barnett is currently out of jail on bond. Barnett has a history of being in the news. He recently placed 8th out of 10th in Oklahoma’s GOP primary for the governorship. Barnett is also the largest legal weed grower in the state of Oklahoma.